summer concerts 2021


Start 9 P.M.

String quintet  Quintarco

Start  9 P.M.


Franz Schubert                               String quintet CDur, D 956

1797 – 1828


  1.  Allegro ma non troppo
  2. Adagio
  3. Scherzo. Presto – Trio. Andante sostenuto
  4. Allegretto – più allegro – più presto


Nikos Mandilas – Violin,  Marina Haralambides-Lelakis – Violin,  Iris Louka – Viola

Vania Papadimitriou – Cello,  Takis Kapogiannis – Double bass


Start 9 P.M.


Start 9 P.M.


Franz Schubert 1797 – 1828

  1. Good Night
  2. The Weathervane
  3. Frozen Tears
  4. Feeling Numb
  5. The Linden Tree
  6. The Watercourse
  7. On the River
  8. Looking Back
  9. Will O’ the Wisp
  10. Rest
  11. Spring Dreams
  12. Solitude
  13. The Post
  14. The Grey Head
  15. The Raven
  16. The Last Hope
  17. In the Village
  18. The Stormy Morning
  19. Illusion
  20. The Guide-Post
  21. The Wayside Inn
  22. Courage
  23. The Mock Suns
  24. The Organ-Grinder


Tassis Christoyannis – Bariton

Maria Papapetropoulou – Piano


Guest performance

Start 9 P.M.

Guest performance in Greek

Tavli by Dimitris  Kechaidis

9 P.M.

Kostas N. Farmassonis



Start 9 P.M.

THE SEASONS (trailer)


This concert is an immersive multimedia experience with classical piano music, evocative imagery of a film about nature, sounds of nature as well as poetry. It allows each member of the audience to trace an individual path through the sounds and imagery. The experience is highly positive and life affirming, a communion with the cycle of seasons, taking the listener deeper into a musical experience.

Four composers, four seasons: Beethoven, Bach, Rachmaninov and Scriabin with well known and well loved works such as Moonlight sonata, Bach cantatas, Rachmaninov Musical Moments and Scriabin “To the Flame” brought to life by an international concert pianist Yekaterina Lebedeva and British film maker Alex Fodor as well as poetic writings of Martin Firrell


Yekaterina Lebedeva – Piano

Free entrance

If there are any changes due to the corona crisis, we will announce them here.

Subject to short-term changes, especially due to weather or illness. Information on this page.

– Voluntary donations for the benefit of charitable projects in Xiropigado

– In the Pause we offer small water bottles



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About Kalolimano


Kalolimano means “good harbor”. This is how we feel about our family holiday resort. It serves our large family and friends as a place of relaxation, joy and communication.

For the architectural and artistic planning of the entire complex, we were able to win over our friend Konstantinos Ioannis Papatheodorou, the architect who also created the famous Aghia Fotini church in Ancient Mantinea, near Tripoli.

We started building the holiday resort in spring 2004 and in July 2005 we could move in. The outdoor facilities were designed in the following years, and so the park-like complex with a theater, a pavilion, a temple and a piano house was built.

The work was carried out almost exclusively by workers from Xiropigado. With only very few exceptions, the stones used for the construction were found on the property. The general contractor was the planning office Karachalios from Astros.

Originally, the theater was only intended as a place for the family to gather in the evenings to play, play music and sing. Soon, however, the idea arose to organize concerts for all music lovers in the surrounding area. This is how the annual “International Summer Concerts Xiropigado” were established. We also understand this as a way of saying thanks for having the opportunity to live in this beautiful and hospitable country.



Kalolimano Open Theater
Xiropigado, 220 01, Greece
+30 / 2755071487